VFT (AUSTRALIA) has been manufacturing Diamond Blades and tools for over 20 years. Marketed under the “STEALTH” brand it has come to be regarded as a Market Leader in the application of hot press and laser welding technology to various diamond cutting, drilling, grinding, and polishing implements.

During that time, it has also established itself as a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ceramic bathroom fittings, marketed under the “OZISOAP” brand.

Its range of products has in recent times been extended to include Concrete products such as Cement Mixers, wheelbarrows, flat free wheels and floor scrapers which form part of the “NIU-MIX” range, and Rendering accessories such as external angles, adhesive mesh and plastic washers and screws.

Based in Australia and catering to the high standards required, it has proudly achieved compliance with ISO 9001 and has exported its products to North America, Europe and South East Asia.

We welcome you to browse through our extensive range of products and we welcome your enquiries.