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Niu Mix 2.2CF Petrol Engine Mixers

Additional Product Information

The “NM-2.2CF/PE”   is a professional 2.2 cu. ft. capacity Mixer designed for medium to heavy

concreting applications. It is perfect for rural area and or no electricity job site concreting jobs as well as

Landscape gardeners and for bricklaying projects.


Petrol Engine: 6.5HP (4.8KW), 4 stroke

Cover:  Heavy duty steel cover over motor and belt drive.

Wheels: 400x8 (16”) steel rims with pneumatic tyres and 1” ball

bearings. Flat free wheels available as an optional extra.

Drive: double belt and pulley drive.


Length:      1280mm.

Width:       900mm.

Weight:      70kgs.

Mixing Height:  1550mm.

Bowl: Heavy duty steel seam welded bowl with 25mm shaft

welded into the bowl. 400mm. drum mouth diameter.

Frame: Single piece heavy round tubing construction with  adjustable motor mounting plate.

***6 flat bar beaters to provide perfect mixing.

***Welded on twin arm with reinforce bar.

*** 6 Month warranty on Petrol Engine

Caution: start the engine before loading!