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Professional Road Saw Blades

Additional Product Information
  • Designed for using on Professional Road Saw (35HP - 65 HP) to cut heavy reinforced concrete  floor.
  • Cutting efficiency and life is guaranteed.
  • We provide 3 different segment bonds for 3 different hardness concretes
  • "QD" is designed for hard concrete as used in QLD area
  • "VC" is designed for normal concrete as used in VIC area
  • "SD" is designed for medium hard with crash rock / quatze / river stone concrete as used in NSW area


low HP saw - for LWA asphalt diamond blades

Product Size Avaliability
Image Product Name ( Size ) Product Specification Product Code / SKU
VFT-stealth-road-saw-blade-18-457c-35hpProfessional Road Saw Blade (18″ VC 35HP)18"/457Dx12Wx3.5Tkx32Tsx25.4HPRS-18/457VC-35HP
PRS18-457VC-50HPProfessional Road Saw Blade (18″ QD 50HP)18"/457Dx12Tx3.5Tkx32Tsx25.4HPRS-18/457QD-50HP
PRS20-508VC-50HPVFT Professional Road Saw Blade (20″ VC 35HP)20"/508DDx12Wx3.5Tkx34Tsx25.4HPRS-20/508VC-35HP
PRS18-457VC-50HPProfessional Road Saw Blade (18″ SD 50HP)18"/457Dx12Wx3.5Tkx32Tsx25.4HPRS-18/457SD-50HP
PRS18-457VC-50HPProfessional Road Saw Blade (18″ VC 50HP)18"/457Dx12Wx3.5Tkx32Tsx25.4HPRS-18/457VC-50HP
PRS20-508VC-50HPProfessional Road Saw Blade (20″ QD 50HP)20"/508Dx12Wx3.8Tkx34Tsx25.4HPRS-20/508QD-50HP
PRS20-508VC-50HPProfessional Road Saw Blade (20″ VC 50HP)20"/508Dx12Wx3.8Tkx34Tsx25.4HPRS-20/508VC-50HP
PRS20-508VC-50HPProfessional Road Saw Blade (20″ SD 50HP)20"/508Dx12Wx3.8Tkx34Tsx25.4HPRS-20/508SD-50HP
road-saw-blade-24inch-vftProfessional Road Saw Blade (24″ VC 50HP)24"/609Dx12Wx4.2Tkx40Tsx25.4HPRS-24/609VC-50HP
pro-road-saw-stealth-26inProfessional Road Saw Blade (26″ VC 50HP)26"/660Dx12Wx4.5Tkx42Tsx25.4HPRS-26/660VC-50HP
PRS20-508VC-50HPProfessional Road Saw Blade (30″ VC 65HP)30"/762Dx12Wx4.7Tkx50Tsx25.4HPRS-30/762VC-65HP
australia-road-saw-blade-36inchesProfessional Road Saw Blade (36″ VC 65HP)36"/914Dx12Wx5.0Tkx60Tsx25.4HPRS-36/914VC-65HP