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VFT Rendering Corner Bead ( Angleline )

Additional Product Information

VFT render corner angle line is designed to protect the external angle of two intersecting surfaces making them protecting from denting and other types of damage. Once corner bead had screwed on, it usually will be coated with layer of render to reinforced the wall surface.

VFT rendering angle lines made of 6 different materials:
Alloy Aluminum #3003 Angle Line for External Use
Galvanized Angle Line for Non External Use
Marine Grade Stainless steel #316 Angle Line for External Use
Plastic Coated Galvanize Angle Line for Conditional External Use
Stainless steel #304 Angle line for External Use
Stainless Iron #430 Angle Line for External Use


Anti-corrosion performance in different environment by the material of angle lines:

Material Model# Neutral atmosp. & fresh water Industrial atmosp. Ocean atmosp. Salty/sea water Chemical agent neutral Oxygenation
Alloy Alum #3003 Yes Yes Yes  - Yes  Yes
Stainless #304 Yes Yes Yes  - Yes Yes
Stainless #316 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stainless #430 Yes Yes  -  - Yes Yes
Yes” indicates this model is quite good in the anti-corrosion function in the specified environment


Product Size Avaliability
Image Product Name ( Size ) Product Specification Product Code / SKU
render-angle-bead-outdoorGalvanized Diamond Hole (60pcs/box)3000x32x32x87°AGLAV32-3D
aliminium_angle_corner_beadAlloy Aluminium#3003 (80pcs/box)3000x32x32x87°ALUM32-3D
render-angle-bead-outdoorPlastic Coated Galvanized Diamond Hole (60pcs/box)3000x32x32x87°AGLAV32PC-3D
render-angle-bead-outdoorStainless Iron#430 (60pcs/box)3000x32x32x87°ASI32-430-3D
render-angle-bead-outdoorStainless Steel#304 (60pcs/box)3000x32x32x87°ASS32-304-3D
render-angle-bead-outdoorMarine Grade Stainless#316 (60pcs/box)3000x32x32x87°ASS32-316-3D